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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gemini - A Time of plenty in the height of Spring

The Order of the Golden Dawn discovered the connection between Astrology and Tarot which associates six tarot cards to each Zodiac sign. Each Astrological month is divided into approximately 10 days called Decans which guide us through the year in 36 steps. Rachel Pollack and Johannes Fiebig go through this concept in detail in Tarot for Magical Times. I was gifted this book by US Games Systems while at the 2016 Readers Studio.

This concept adds yet another layer to Tarot - there are so many they can't be counted and it explains why there are so many books on Tarot. 

I'm excited about this concept because life is a cycle and there are certain qualities that are repeated on an annual basis and knowing what they are and being in harmony with them just makes life simpler. To know exactly when they present themselves in the calendar is just icing! Awesome :)

Today marks the start of the Gemini Month which is a time of plenty while decorated with flowers. Just go outside and you will see them everywhere adorning and delighting everyone. Even in the concrete jungle of NYC flowers are everywhere. (Instagram hashtag #nycflowers)

Even though I always say that all the cards in the Tarot have both positive and negative qualities. There are certain cards I love to see in a reading while others aren't my favorite.

The overview Tarot Cards of the Gemini Month (May 22nd - June 21st) are very promising:

The Lovers - Remember we can always regain paradise - believe it in your heart and it will soon follow.

Magician - Remember you are one of a kind and your magic is only for your to create! Manifest with intention.

Knight of Swords - Remember you have the mighty weapon of your mind that can and has and manifested everything in your life and will continue to do so harness this power as the Knight has harnessed his horse.

However upon seeing the three Decan cards I wasn't feeling as enthusiastic as I was with the three overview cards, however Rachel and Johannes explained how to use the cards to ones advantage:

1st decan: A Time of Expanding Consciousness May 22nd - 31

Eight of Swords

It is time to look inside and make the choice to use the swords that have trapped you to your advantage by carefully breaking yourself free of the binds and open yourself up to living life and taking the good with the bad in stride. The barriers are only in the mind.

2nd decan: A Time of Awakening June 1st - 10th

Nine Swords

Choices where made and now the consequences are waking you up in the middle of the night. The only thing to do now is make a plan to continue on a different course. Remember to be here now! Things will get as good as you manifest them to be.

3rd decan: A Time of Being Conscious June 11th - 21st

Ten of Swords

The one lying on the ground is done, who he was is now gone. What remains is his consciousness it will live on with the knowledge of his past choices. The time of rebirth is now and starting from scratch is on the agenda.

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