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Thursday, February 16, 2012

In my BAG

I have a subscription to Marie Claire and every month when it arrives in the mail I turn to the last page to see "In the BAG" I have to admit it is my favorite feature and I look forward to it. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that I am the nosiest person I know. I love knowing what is behind the curtain or in this case what is "In the bag"  I thought you might want to know what is in my bag.

Coach: Hampton Leather Flap Bag in Plum - I've had this bag for about two years

I love how much stuff I can fit in this bag and how organized everything stays with four large compartments plus two zippered pockets. Every item has its place.

1. Ray-Ban - Great for walking around New York City as the lens is very light
2. Kindle - Although my kindle looks like a dinosaur compared to all the iPads and Kindle Fires out there this still does the trick and keeps me well read
3. Pill Box - I found this antique pill box while on a trip to Madrid it is perfect for keeping a small supply of pain medication and vitamins with me - just in case
4. Rollon Perfume - I love these roll on perfumes! They are just the right size for when you are on-the-go also a good way to try a perfume before investing in it
5. Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss - I am in love with this lip gloss it feels so luxurious and my shade of choice Insolence is such a fun name
6.Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment - I have large lips and must have them moisturized at all times 
7.Kleenex Tissues - You never know when you will need a tissue
8. Note book and Pen - I am very old fashioned and like to jot down ideas and notes in a note pad with ink and paper
9. Wristlet - I like to keep one of these in my bag just in case I go out on the town; I can transfer just the essentials to it and check my large bag
10. iPhone charger - I would not like to be caught with a dead iPhone 

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