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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looking for India in Jackson Heights

I recently had a craving for all things Indian meaning I really wanted Indian food and I wanted to go shopping for Indian inspired jewelry and clothes. I called a friend that spent a few weeks in India earlier this year and asked her to join me. We got on the 7 train and headed over even though it was chilly and pouring rain all day.

Upon stepping out of the 74th Street - Broadway stop, I felt like we had traveled to India, which is why it is known as little India.  I should not have been surprised considering how Chinatown is taking over my own neighborhood but I couldn't help it. I always think ethnic neighborhoods are interesting upon first glance.

Wedding Attire
Our first stop on our Indian excursion was Neena Sari Palace (I think, the rain kept me from taking notes) where they had beautiful wedding saris, jewelry, and also casual clothing/sari's. I feel in love with it all but only ended up with a silk tunic.

Souvenirs at Butala Emporium

Souvenirs at Butala Emporium

Souvenirs at Butala Emporium

We also stopped into Butala Emporium where they had all kinds of Indian things like Shaeyes (Indian eyeliner), Indian Vogue and Bazaar, household items and furniture. A great place to pick up souvenirs or gifts.

Lunch at Delhi Heights
We had lunch at Delhi Heights. They were offering a buffet but we opted out of it and ordered a la carte.  The food was very tasty and fresh and the portions were just right. I would definitely recommend this place and return but I am also curious about Jackson Diner.

After our meal we went food shopping at Patel Brothers supermarket. They have any and every ingredient for Indian cooking imaginable. I really liked the sacks of rice because the sacks doubled as cute bags. If the rice had not been so heavy I might I have taken one home with me. I did bring home some Indian frozen dinners. My friend swore they were amazing and sold me when she said "fresh all natural ingredients and no preservatives." At $2 each I picked up three different ones. I also picked up some frozen naan to go with it. I had the Dal Makhani (lentils in tomato cream sauce) tonight and it was a very good buy! Delicious. I'll have to get more next time I'm there.

I really wanted to check out the Jackson Heights Historical District but alas it was too rainy. I'll have to keep it on my list for next time.

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