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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Badoo Project

My Badoo Project profile pic

While on my way to work on Thursday morning I picked up AM New York to read on the subway. I came across a blurb on "The Badoo Project" It said they would be taking the ultimate profile pics by some of America's leading photographers all for free!  All I had to do was sign up. I was lucky enough to score a spot at 4pm on the last day of shooting which was Saturday March 24.

The first thing I had to do when I arrived for my appointment was to sign up for The guy who was helping me sign up said Badoo was like Facebook but for meeting new friends (not existing).  He also told me my new professional photos would be up on the site before I was gone from 74 Mercer St.  The photo shoot process was fun - I'm sure it would have been more fun had I gone with a friend but I didn't know what to expect and the friends I mentioned The Badoo Project to had no interest.

After checking in I was invited to the lounge area where snacks and beverages were provided. They also had a ping pong table, a wall to graffiti, and some fun seating (like beanbag chairs). People looked relaxed and like they were enjoying themselves or sat nervously waiting like I did.
I want instant gratification wall at Badoo Project
After waiting for a few minutes a lady with an iPad called my name and informed me I was next for hair, makeup, and styling services. Hair, makeup and styling!?! I had no idea! At this point I became very excited! It also made the experience feel like a seriously professional photo shoot (which it was, only it was an express photo shoot).

My hair stylist complimented my hair and just added some product to make it look fuller. My makeup artist commented that I had "a lot of good things going on" and gave me a bright red lip. I was really impressed with the styling area as it was huge and filled with all kinds of hats, sunglasses, accessories, and even clothing. My stylist said she liked my scarf and just gave me some bangles to add to my wrist. The whole process took about five minutes - I guess I arrived camera ready :)

My photographer was Kenneth Cappello. He wasn't very talkative but his assistants were all very nice and made me feel comfortable. Kenneth informed me the photo shoot would be about one minute long and that I should change stance and expression after clicks. During the shoot I just smiled and moved around a bit and Kenneth was good enough to give me some direction and voila! before I knew it the shoot was over.

I then walked over to the editing stations were an editor helped me narrow down my photos to 8 (max number of photos allowed). I was given a printed photo to take home as a souvenir along with a couple of cute t-shirts.

T-shirts from Badoo Project

All in all the Badoo Project experience was awesome! And now I have some fantastic photos to use as a profile pictures.

Also, please vote for me! I want to be on billboards all over NYC Click here.

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