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Monday, October 17, 2011

Bar Hopping: Lower East Side

I love love hanging out in the Lower East Side (Manhattan) its the best place to go out in New York City as you can easily hop around during one night and hit up 3-5 places easy! You can even do more if you are feeling ambitious.

Last week on Friday a friend was visiting from out-of-town and we went to five places!  We started off in my neighborhood and had dinner at Cafe Habana, had a couple of drinks at Sweet and Vicious, headed over to Happy Ending (we were too early, it was empty), danced at bobBar, and ended the night at Back Room.  It was so fun.  My friend had a blast and so did I.

On any particular night you can head over to this neighborhood and have a good time. There are so many places you can go to; a recent yelp search brought up 69 bars all within walking distance of each other (Five block radius)! I went through the list and narrowed it down to my 15 go-to places.

Cocktail lounges - Upscale/pricey
  1. The Back Room: Is a speakeasy - so it is hidden.  To find it look for a staircase leading you underground - walk through the tunnel, go up the stairs and Voila!  Drinks are served in a teacups and beers are served in paperbags.  There is a hidden room in the back, try to find it.
    102 Norfolk St between Rivington and Delancy St
  2. Beauty and Essex: The second floor has a nice bar/ lounge area. Drinks are good and pricey and the appetziers are really good.
    146  Essex St btween Rivington and Stanton St
  3. Stanton Social: Same owner/chef as Beauty and Essex, same deal.
    99 Stanton St between Ludlow and Orchard St
  4. Above Allen at Thompson Hotel: Great views of Manhattan from the northend.
    190 Allen St between Stanton and Houston Ste
  5. Chloe 81: Another speakeasy.
    81 Ludlow St between Broome and Delancy St

  1. Verlaine: 110 Rivington St between Essex and Ludlow St
  2. Spitzers Corner: 101 Rivington between Essex and Ludlow St
  3. The Skinny: 174 Orchard St between Stanton and Houston St
  4. Jadis: 42 Rivington St between Allen and Forsyth St
  1. Fat Baby: 112 Rivington St between Essex and Ludlow St
  2. Libation: 137 Ludlow St between Rivington and Stanton St
  3. Pianos: 158 Ludlow St between Rivington and Statnton St
  4. Darkroom: 165 Ludlow St between Stanton and Houston St
  5. bob Bar: 235 Eldridge St between Stanton and Houston St
  6. Happy Ending: 302 Broome St Eldridge and Forsyth
F, J, M to Essex/Delancy St
F, V to Second Avenue

  Mixed drinks in teacups at The Back Room

Click here for a map of the neighborhood and all the locations.

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