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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sleep No More

I was lucky enough to get tickets to Sleep No More for my birthday.  Thanks Roxanne!  We went to see the show last week.  I should say we participated in this show last week...
Sleep No More is a loose adaptation on Macbeth which takes place at the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea, NYC.  Upon arrival you are advised to check your "luggage" and to proceed to check in.   You are then given a playing card (I received a Joker) and directed to the bar/lounge where your card will be called.  By the time I got to the bar I was feeling a little nervous considering I had no idea what to expect and the rooms so far were so dark and eeire.  I walked over to the bar and immediately ordered shots of tequila for my friend and myself.  As soon as I downed it Jokers were called.  None of my friends held that card and so I was on my own.
I lined up with the other Jokers, received a mask, put it on, heard more instruction on how the play worked and what to do in case of "freaking out".  After a very short elevator ride we were let out to explore.  I'm not sure how many rooms I went into that night but later I read that there are over 100 rooms - all of which are intricately designed.  You are allowed to open doors, drawers, read letters, look into closets, play with any and all props, and of course you will run into the dancers and see some action.  
I loved being anonymous.  I was able to be as nosey as I wanted and no one knew who I was.  During my two hours of wandering around I ran into my friends a few times but I liked being on my own much more.  It was so much easier to linger or move on when I wanted instead of checking in.
You have to see Sleep No More for yourself.  No review I have read has done it comlete justice.  Get tickets you will not be disappointed.  The only bad thing is the show is coming to an end on November 5th and many of the time slots are already sold out.  Get your tickets now!
For more information and to buy tickets: Sleep No More

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