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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wish upon the New Moon!

We've all heard about wishing upon a shooting star but in NYC its difficult to even see stars much less to catch a shooting star. Did you know you have another celestial body you may wish upon? And, instead of doing it by chance when you happen to be gazing at the night sky and you can do it every month or "moonth" and the date and time is easily available.

Every month, at the time of the new moon which I will refer to as "moonth" we are attuned to new energy that makes wishes/wants/intentions more fruitful. Farmers have been doing this for centuries - they plant their crops by the cycles of the new moon. Now you can plant your wishes with the cycles of the new moon too. The wishes will not necessary come true in the cycle (28-29 days) between new moons but they have been planted and all you have to do is nurture your wishes as you would a newly planted seedling.

Jan Spiller goes through this in full detail in New Moon Astrology; The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True; Get What You Wish for in Love...Happiness..Health..Career.. Money...and More!

Today (at 11pm EDT) marks the seventh new moon of the year and it is in Gemini - June 4th - July 4th.  It is a good time to write down up to 10 wishes and and then just go about your moonth. No need to do anything further, leave it up to the universe!

One thing to consider is wording. I'm sure you've heard of "be careful what you wish for... you just might get it." For this reason you may want to use phrases like: I want to easily find myself... and I want to attract... You can also add a happy way.. at the end of the wish for good measure.

Since Gemini rules communication it is a good moonth to wish upon: Communication and Social Skills.

Please note these wishes should be written down and it should be done at the time of the new moon - up until 48 hours after. Do not wish before the exact time of the new moon as it is in its exiting/ending phase - you don't want to start anything at that stage). To find the exact dates and times (in all times zones) of the new moons click here.

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